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All things Ayahuasca … for the newcomer

A definitive guide to the Mother Vine’s purpose, effects, ceremony, dangers, benefits, ...

By Jenny Dion ( read )

Tags: Psychedelics, retreats

Most of us imagine that to achieve self realization, we need to radically change our lives. Stop doing this, do way more of that....

By Jenny Dion ( read )

Tags: sexuality, Meditation, retreats,

Creating an intentional community around yoga, meditation, and spiritual teaching is an undertaking that many have tried – to...

By Jenny Dion ( read )

Tags: Relationships, Yoga, retreats

When Elvi Orr was 27, she took a HUGE jump. And quickly. After attending a nine-day retreat in Virginia with Rebirthing...

By Jenny Dion ( read )

Tags: sexuality, Meditation, retreats

For cancer patients, it can seem like life becomes trips to the hospital, medication, and survival mode. For Pam Toal, reality...

By Jenny Dion ( read )

Tags: sexuality, mental health, retreats,

Mindfulness for Everyone: Namaste Healing And Wellness

In the Rocky Mountains of Evergreen, Colorado, lives a retreat center which encompasses all types of healing from spiritual,...

By Jenny Dion ( read )

Tags: Yoga, mental health, Meditation,

If you close your eyes and envision the necessary ingredients to create a truly transformative retreat, what do you see? Most...

By Jenny Dion ( read )

Tags: Yoga, sexuality, retreats

Whether you’re a practicing yogi or a spiritual scholar, you’ve likely come across the Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita. These...

By Jenny Dion ( read )

Tags: Yoga, Meditation, retreats,

The long-term vision for the Land of Medicine Buddha, as established by the Lama Thubten Yeshe, is to create a ‘center for...

By Jenny Dion ( read )

Tags: Featured Retreat Centers & Teachers, retreats

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