Top 12 Countries for a Transcendental Yoga Retreat

By Sarah Peterson

When you live a fast-paced life, you need to find time and space to let yourself breathe.

Take a moment of rest to get in touch with your inner self. Relax and recharge by going on a yoga retreat.

A retreat allows you to take a step back temporarily from your frenetic daily schedule and help with spiritual healing and meditation that can bring clarity to your mind.

In a yoga retreat, some of the things you can expect are practicing yoga, understanding medicinal plants, cooking classes, lessons about poses, meditations, and other new things.

Wondering where to start? We’ve listed the top countries for a yoga retreat.

Each country features a unique retreat center that can contribute to your self-care, mental health improvement, and spiritual awakening.

Explore the list to find the best retreat centers for your needs.

12 Countries For The Best Yoga Retreat

Whether it's going on a chilly and quiet mountain around your area or flying to another country, you need to check which location is best for your needs.

Feel refreshed with these retreat locations. Great scenery, experienced shamans, and high-quality accommodations await you. You’ll find yourself rejuvenated after attending a retreat in no time.


top countries for a yoga retreat

Apart from its sophisticated cities and scenic coastline, Spain is a good destination for yoga. The APL Shamanic Journey at Malaga, Spain is a villa in a gorgeous and refreshing botanical courtyard with an olive grove that overlooks a stunning lake.

Yoga retreats at APL Shamanic Journey are handled by experienced and knowledgeable facilitators. Their retreat includes discussions with the Shaman, a special course on master plants, Kambo ceremony, yoga, and meditation.

Participants shared that the entire retreat has helped them in their personal journey. Their weeks were filled with love and a mind-opening experience while surrounded by a supportive community.

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yoga retreats in france

Discover a retreat center in the heart of France. The Hridaya Yoga France is a castle nestled in the lush forest and beautiful countryside of Beaujolais. The charming landscape, hiking trails, sunlit meditation halls, and serene environment is an atmosphere that beginner and advanced yoga practitioners will definitely enjoy.

The restored castle is ideal for those who practice silent meditation retreats, yoga modules, workshops. They also have a Hatha yoga workshop where you can learn systematic yet authentic yogic teachings and understand yoga beyond its physical postures.

Immerse yourself in a down to earth sessions with yogis and teachers who can help you unfold your true self.

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The country is distinguished by beautiful landscapes and cultural sites, but Peru is also a retreat destination to add to your bucket list. Be surrounded by majestic palm trees and waterfalls ideal for individuals who want to reconnect with nature in Tarapoto.

Tambo Ilusion is located miles away from the hustle and the bustle of the city. Take your time and focus on activities like a yoga retreat, detox retreat, Reiki initiation culinary retreat, SUP yoga retreat, Ayahuasca retreats, and retreats with master plants.

Listen to the birds chirping and the soothing sound of the water from the creek. The dock is the best spot to focus your soul searching.

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yoga retreats mexico

Tulum is a laid-back place by the beautiful ocean and Mayan ruins. Aside from this beauty, the place is renowned for people looking for a yoga retreat destination in Mexico.

Amansala, named after the crystal waters of Tulum, is located right on the white sandy beaches of Tulum. Yoga sessions here are refreshing and you can explore the shoreline and have time to reconnect with nature.

The retreat destination showcases the natural beauty and resources of the island suitable for individuals looking for a getaway with purpose.

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Sinchi Runa is one of the most-sought Ayahuasca and master plant retreat centers in Portgual. The revitalizing location is close to three beautiful waterfalls and a jungle walk in Tarapoto. The region is known for its diverse wildlife.

The retreat center is a safe and sacred place that allows individuals to experience genuine deep healing and a journey of a lifetime. Try to join the private consultation sessions, meditative yoga sessions, Kambo sessions, Ayahuasca ceremonies, and other activities.

Whether you just want to stretch out or deepen your yoga practice, the space is ideal for anyone who wants to experience healing and spiritual awakening.

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yoga retreats italy

Italy offers a breathtaking view, and you can have a healthy getaway here. Rolling green hills, olive groves, and vineyards一these are some of the charming features of Tuscan Fitness. The retreat center is settled in the beautiful province of Arezzo which is famous for its tasteful wines.

Tuscan Fitness is ideal for day trips and as a retreat center. The warm and cozy environment welcomes guests for a variety of yoga and fitness retreat which may include personalized HIIT classes, oil and wine tasting, yoga, hiking, and dining healthy delicious food.

Recharge and relax at the same time on this one-of-a-kind retreat center.

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Top 12 Countries for a Yoga Retreat-May-19-2021-09-16-48-85-PMMeditate in nature and enjoy the tranquility in the air. Clear Sky at Fort Steel, British Columbia, Canada is a place for inner and outer growth.

Their cabin retreat is designed to unplug from your daily hectic schedule since the cabins have no electricity and plumbing, but you can use bathrooms in close proximity. It's a good fit for people with meditation experience and are looking for a professional and structured retreat to support them.

The mountain has a scenic view of the lovely southern British Columbia Valley. A great sanctuary where you can meditate and meet like-minded people.

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Costa Rica

Top 12 Countries for a Yoga RetreatPlaya Hermosa is the surfing stadium of Costa Rica. Be closer to nature and explore the beaches and wildlife when you plan a retreat at Vida Asana. The place is particularly meant for yoga retreats and surf adventures since it can be found in a forest and a short 1 km away from the enchanting shores of Playa Hermosa.

Their retreats include immersive yoga training that allows any individual of an experience level in yoga to join. Guests who joined the retreat raved about how alive they felt in the retreat and how delicious the food was during their stay.

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Yoga has also become popular in Guatemala. You'll find a lovely forest hideaway with lakeside villages where The Yoga Forest is located. This sacred sanctuary with ancient Mayan altars and natural springs is protected as a Natural Reserve.

The retreats here are designed for you to find your most authentic self-expression using meditation, yoga, healing arts, sacred plant medicine retreats, sound ceremony, and other practices.

Experience a life-changing retreat and reconnect with Mother Earth.

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It is believed that yoga started in India so it’s natural to include it on this list. If you’re searching for a retreat center around Cancona Goa, Kranti Yoga should be your first choice. It is at Patnem where you can have an idyllic view of the Arabian Ocean which gives off a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

This retreat center is a wonderful place for yogis and yoginis from all over the world. Deepen your knowledge about Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Yoga, connect with your true spiritual nature, understand the harmony of your mind, spirit, and body with the help of professional yoga practitioners.

Unwind while practicing yoga or hanging out by the beach during your stay.

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Queensland, Australia is remarkable for its coast, the Great Barrier Reef and snorkel/scuba sites. In its rural town of Eugella nestles the Krishna Villageㅡan eco yoga community set in a beautiful mango and lychee orchard.

They offer a variety of retreats including yoga, the yoga of birth, meditation, fusion acupressure. For example, their fusion acupressure training is a blend of acupressure, Qi Gong, and life coaching administered by a professional practitioner.

This training welcomes massage therapists, nurses, life coaches, or individuals seeking personal development and self-care.

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It's essential to stop everything and focus on your well-being. A yoga retreat offers an escape from a tiresome routine.

You don't need to worry about planning because accommodation, food, facilities, and activities are all in line. All you need to do is relax and find time for yourself.

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