The Top Retreats in Peru for Every Type of Traveler

By Sarah Peterson

Peru is one of the hotspots for wellness retreats. Aside from the rich cultural heritage, agricultural terraces, and ancient temples that people flock to, Peru retreats are also gaining appeal from folks all over the world. 

Soak up the mesmerizing sight of the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu or travel to the remote Andes Mountains. Whether you are a meditation beginner or not, Peru retreats are a must-try. 

Peru, with its majestic coastal lands, mountain ranges, and mega-biodiverse environment, makes it a wonderful location for ayahuasca ceremonies and yoga classes. Find retreat centers that will speak to your soul. Many of these retreat centers are located in the forests of Peru and are run by renowned shamans. 

Curious about the Peru retreats you can try? Step away from your everyday life and focus on yourself, your well-being, your connection to your spirituality while in Peru.

7 Best Peru Retreats to Book

Retreats and healing centers attract more people each year. Within Peru, you get an opportunity to connect deeply to nature, your beliefs, and to yourself. Some of the retreats include health-based, non-religious, and meditation-oriented.

The retreats in this guide are fit for different interests so you’ll definitely find something for you. You can follow programs, ponder on your spiritual belief/s, relax in nature, focus on your well-being, attend yoga classes, and near-silent, contemplative meditation classes. 

Peru retreats will help you to concentrate solely on yourself, your thoughts, and your spiritual being.

Take a look at the best retreat types that best suit your needs and interests.

  1. Yoga Retreat

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A retreat is a great way to help yourself gain peace and calm. If you’re feeling worn down by stress at home, work, or elsewhere, try the Reiki Initiation & Yoga retreat in San Martin, Peru.

Reiki initiation helps induce deep relaxation that can help you cope with stress and other difficulties that impact your well-being. Along with the gentle yoga practice and guided meditation sessions, your knowledge of the foundations of yoga and how you practice meditation, in general, will improve. 

Get a sense of clarity and feel at home in such a wonderful atmosphere. Delicious healthy vegan meals, peaceful nature walks, herbal baths await every visitor. Use up the rest of your free time to simply enjoy the whole environment. This four-day retreat will not only help you align your connection with breathing but also teach you to incorporate the techniques as you go home.

  1. Ayahuasca Retreat

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Dreaming of going on a retreat at the lush Amazon forest? Experience it at the 10-Day Ayahuasca Retreat & Master Plants Dieta in Peru. This Ayahuasca retreat in Peru combined with entering the master plant dieta allows you to understand the power of Amazonian plants and how you can use it.

Located in the small town of Nauta, this retreat by the Psychonauta Foundation allows you to stay in a forest hut. You will join ceremonies under the care of Shipibo Shamans and get a private consultation. It also includes a plant bath, plant medicine, meals, and interpreter for English, Spanish and Polish.

There are at least two shamans and experienced facilitators in the ceremony. A female curandera is also present to ensure that if physical therapy for female guests is required, it will be done in a safe and open manner.

Ayahuasca ceremonies and the Shipibo tradition of plant medicine provide an incredibly effective way to achieve balance, harmony, and happiness. If your goal is to experience how to use master plants, this retreat is definitely for you.

  1. Meditation Retreat

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Wash away your stress and spend your time in meditation. Traveling to Peru and practicing meditation is a way to unwind that can benefit your emotional and mental health.

Join the 10-Day Embodying True Nature Intensive retreat to experience a deep understanding of the sacred and mystical forces of life. This retreat is located near the city of Cusco where you will see the remnants of the ancient capital of the Inca empire. It's also where Machu Picchu is, making the place a popular destination for tourists.

This meditation retreat is for individuals who are in stable and good health. The practitioners will teach you living wisdom traditions with Jungian transpersonal psychology that will help participants discover and develop their innermost purpose.

Discover a supportive community and leadership that abides by the principles of growth in this retreat. They will remind you that you are a part of the natural world and not enclosed to your own.

  1. Health and Wellness Retreat

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Think your health needs a reboot? This  Amazon Nourishing Detox & Yoga Retreat in Tarapoto Peru provides an 8-day safe cleanse using superfood, fresh fruit extracts, and healthy vegan meals.

Feel the brand new you when focusing on this health retreat. The retreat leader, Johanne, is an expert in Hatha yoga and Reiki. She's also a vegetarian cook and wellness coach so you know you're in good hands.

There are many kinds of detoxes out there like fasting, juice cleanses, and smoothies detox. While these can be done by yourself at home, nothing can match going to a detox retreat and cleansing both mind and body.

A detox retreat in Peru is amazing thanks to the natural surroundings that encourage you to meditate and yoga in peace. While you’re eating the sumptuous meals they serve, take time to have a nice conversation with other guests about your passions, health, or anything under the sun.

This retreat has a good balance of physical activities and healthy meals for anyone who needs to rest their body and mind. It’s an intimate experience that creates authentic connections between you and other people while cleansing.

  1. Relationship and Community Retreat

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Improve your relationship with your partner through a relationship retreat. This type of retreat helps couples get away from their routine and reconnect with each other on a new level. 

Healing Cacao Retreat for Couples takes you and your partner to a beautiful 5-day healing experience. This retreat is created to help couples become more open with each other from their partner’s wants and needs. 

Start your day by enjoying the view of the sacred Apu mountains. Hummingbirds buzzing in the garden adds a relaxing experience to the whole setting, too. During your free time, you and your partner can also explore the ancient ruins in Peru or the river and creek nearby. 

The retreat leader will walk you through “The 4 Pyramids of Sacred Relationships”. These are four inspiring steps to enhance your relationship with yourself and share the new you with your partner.

Talk about things you haven’t talked about more consciously. Be in the moment. Open up about how you each feel especially on parts of your life like career, spiritual pursuits, relationships, and family.

The best outcome of this journey is you can both begin to shape your thoughts and feelings into a clear picture of what you both want to get from the retreat.

  1. Psychedelic Retreat

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The cactus Huachuma is one of the most sacred plant medicines in Peru. Open yourself to the sensory-expanding journey from this 7 Day Huachuma & Sacred Cacao Retreat. The Amaruanka Healing Center is a little spot nestled in the mountains of Urubamba.

The session is in small groups and you will be guided by two experienced leaders. In this retreat, you will understand how to use Huachuma and connect with the Spirit of Huachuma. 

The ceremony starts early in the morning with the plant spirit of Huachuma. After this, you will have time for guided meditation, a flower bath in the garden, exploring the Inca ruins, and cacao ceremonies to help you open your heart more and reconnect with your purpose.

  1. Leadership and Social Change

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Mapacho Valley is known for its Andean textiles, traditions, plants, and indigenous wisdom of the jungles. Here, you will also find the Paititi Institute that offers Shamanic Permaculture Design Certificate Courseㅡa one-month immersion in the remote mountains of Peru where Andes and Amazon meet. 

Experience how deeply you’re interconnected with earth in the high jungle. Shamanism and Permaculture values nature as the teacher. The course teaches participants about the principles of Permaculture, connecting with nature, specific systems, and how these learnings can be applied to daily life. 

The course and the center's mission is to teach and educate people about how to live in a sustainable and harmonious relationship with nature while building a supportive, self-sufficient, and nurturing community.

The Shamanic Permaculture course is designed for people who can commit 100% of their time for 30 days. Make sure that you are in good health before deciding to participate in the program. 

Book Your Peru Retreat Now

Making time to rest, relax, and rejuvenate through retreats allows you to explore not only your mind and body but also the world.

Retreats allow you to gain mental clarity, find purpose, become more open to others, or simply help you get back on your feet from getting burned out. Always find a time to enjoy and improve your well-being. 

If you're feeling overwhelmed or stressed out, it's time to take a break and book a retreat.


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