Mindfulness for Everyone: Namaste Healing And Wellness

By Jenny Dion

In the Rocky Mountains of Evergreen, Colorado, lives a retreat center which encompasses all types of healing from spiritual, to mental, to body. With a wide variety of certified practitioners, Namaste Healing And Wellness has a vision to "Help guide retreat participants on the path of greater well-being and joyous Self-discovery." Retreat Guru spoke to Denisa, the co-founder of this healing center, to ask few questions.

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Why did you open Namaste Healing & Wellness? What's the inspiration behind it all?

My dear friend Sarah and I, both passionate about spirituality and various healing modalities, used to gather at my house to meditate and exchange healing sessions. We loved doing this so much, we figured there must be other people in the community who share similar interests. We wanted to create a place where healers who only wanted to work part-time and could not afford to get a big office could practice their modality and what they are passionate about. Our talks turned into plans, and soon we were looking for an ideal place to open our healing space to the public.

Three years later, Namasté is a nearly 5,000 square-foot Healing & Wellness Center based in beautiful Evergreen, CO. The high altitude and calming energy provide the ultimate setting for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation. Namasté is a center where a variety of certified practitioners offer services in alternative and complementary healing in conjunction with wellness classes, workshops, and immersive retreats that support ultimate vitality. We have a yoga studio, a meditation studio, a welcoming kitchen area, and several beautiful offices to host our 10 practitioners in their various fields.

We have surpassed all our initial dreams and expectations.

We noticed that you have a lot of offerings for children. Why is it important, from your perspective, for children to experience mindfulness? How do you find it helps them?

A big part of our clientele are children and youth. Our holistic practitioners offer services to all ages, and we tailor a lot of classes and camps to children. More and more studies show early practice of yoga and meditation leads to healthier habits, higher levels of well-being, and a joyful experience of life. By making Namasté a place where you can visit a holistic practitioner to help you feel better and take fun classes and camps (be it meditation, yoga, mindfulness, crafts, or cooking), we incorporate spirituality and wellness into the everyday lives of young people.

Our society has become unbalanced focusing on the external and the physical, and in many ways ignoring the internal well-being. Children are being overwhelmed with information and expectations from a young age, creating stressors without being taught the tools to balance and self-regenerate. It is imperative to a successful future of our society that our children are educated about how to manage various stressors in their life before chronic mental or physical ailments develop. Namasté provides a variety of services to nurture and promote self-healing to our whole community, from young to old.

Did you get to experience spiritual practices when you were a child? If so, what kind?


Growing up in several countries in Europe, I was exposed to a different perspective on wellness and various healing modalities. This allowed me open-mindedness toward numerous techniques and natural healing. It gave me curiosity. I remember having a visitor presenter in fouth grade giving a talk about spirituality. I was extremely fascinated, and I knew at that very moment this was somehow going to be a path in my life. Thus, my journey continued: deep-diving into meditation, spirituality, and alternative healing.

What other offerings do you provide at your center that makes you unique or different?

Namasté is different because we have such a great variety of offerings by numerous amazing practitioners, so people can choose which modalities are helpful to them.

We offer private sessions in:

Naturopathic Medicine, acupuncture, therapeutic massage, nutrition, energy healing, thought field therapy (TFT), frequency sound healing (singing bowls),  Tibetan cranial, aging and retirement coaching, psychotherapy, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and personal training.

We offer classes in:

Meditation, yoga, healing movement and dance.

We also offer a weekly variety of workshops in many different areas from heart health and cooking to mandala making and gratitude, from cacao and tea ceremonies to how to use a pendulum, and so much more.

What do you see in the future for Namaste Healing & Wellness?

We hope to serve more and more of our immediate and larger community in the future. In addition to our private sessions and events at the center, we are planning more in-house retreats. We are also excited to announce that our 3 to 5-day all-inclusive retreats will soon be expanded to other spiritually-charged and exotic locations, such as southern California, Belize, Hawaii, Nepal, and Tibet.

The underlying essence of our retreats is spiritual and wellness transformation. The retreats are designed not only to offer a comprehensive opportunity for healing of the body, balancing the energy systems, and amplifying spiritual awareness, but also to foster a transformation of all-encompassing vitality. They allow for in-depth cleansing and subtle shifts in perception, planting the seeds for life transformation to occur. The beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado and other specially selected exotic locations offer a perfect setting to meditate, heal, and rejuvenate. During the retreats, you will enjoy cleansing foods, daily yoga practices, morning and evening meditations, and private healing sessions specifically tailored to your personal needs. Each retreat includes nature excursions to incredible sacred sites to enjoy an in-depth practice. People leave our retreats feeling rejuvenated and transformed, taking home life-long memories.

Over the last 20 years, Denisa has had the great fortune to study intensively with numerous amazing gurus and masters across the world, such as Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Deepak Chopra, and Sadhguru, broadening her knowledge of various traditional pranayama, spiritual, and healing techniques. Her most influential and life-changing teacher is the mystic Almine who with her genius and unprecedented teachings changed Denisa’s life to one of greatness and miracles, gifting her with several spiritual abilities. Denisa enjoys sharing transformative knowledge with others through various practices and healing methods. Visit Namaste Healing & Wellness' organization page to learn more.

Not in the local Colorado area and nervous to travel with kids? Don't be. It's not nearly as daunting as it sounds, and the destination is well worth it.

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