The Most Incredible Yoga Retreats in Bali (Updated for 2024)

By Sarah Peterson

Bali’s rich spiritual culture is internationally recognized as a health and wellness hotspot, making this year round destination the ideal yoga retreat. 

In fact, Bali is one of the most popular yoga retreat destinations on the planet, with countless options to choose from. 

Looking for a yoga retreat on a budget? You’ll find one here. More of a luxury yoga holiday person? Bali has options for you, too. 

Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced yogi, there is truly something for everybody in this sprawling province of Indonesia.

A Perfect Balance

A yoga retreat can provide us with an opportunity to disconnect from the world to reconnect with ourselves. A digital detox from the hustle-bustle of your day-to-day life can play a pivotal role to reset your mental health; and what better way to achieve serenity than the soothing & relaxing qualities of yoga. 

Yoga vacations can create an empowering sense of connection to your mind, body, soul and nature unlike any other getaway. 

Here we will showcase the best yoga retreats the Balinese have to offer so you can curate your own unique, heart-opening journey. 

Let’s jump right into it, shall we?


#1 Top Bali Yoga Retreat: Bliss Body Retreat

Ubud, Indonesia
best bali yoga retreat
This exclusive resort in Ubud, Bali’s legendary mystical and spiritual escape, “Spiritually meets luxury wellness” is an excellent way to summarize this surreal, life changing experience in the Balinese foothills.

You will enjoy first-rate yoga with the highly-touted spiritual mentor and energy guide, Vlada, a true representation of peace and harmony working towards their mission to awaken the global consciousness.

Top notch amenities, contemporary architecture, bright comfortable welcoming rooms, and breathtaking views in this world class setting leave you feeling relaxed and rested.

If that doesn't give you enough reason, check out some photos of the delicious mouth watering vegan cuisine prepared by their brilliant chef at Bliss Exquisite Food Experience that is guaranteed to satisfy even the most difficult to please food connoisseurs - pure bliss!

Gede Aryadi

Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

top yoga retreat in baliWhat better way to warm up before a day of surfing than yoga? 

Only 20 minute walk from the water, Gede Aryadi Retreat is located in the vibrant and charming coastal village of Canggu amongst the rice fields on the southern shores of Bali.

Afternoons packed with surfing and yoga lessons, massages and spa treatments, this is the perfect getaway for solo travelers and groups alike. 

After a day of riding waves you’ll end your days watching with drinks and dinner at the beach watching the sunset over the Indian Ocean.


Santhika Dream Hill Retreat Center

Lovina Beach, Bali, Indonezija 

yoga retreat in baliThe perfect place to rejuvenate, this one of a kind wooden hotel is perched on top of a rock with vast 360 views of the Bali sea, jungles, rice paddies and mountains that will leave you awed.

Boasting retreats carefully curated to your personal needs, they will create a specialized and inclusive program to fit your desires and skill level. 

You’ll spend your days visiting waterfalls, hot springs and Buddhist temples, to top specialized yoga and meditation sessions for restful contemplation, this fully immersive experience deep in Balinese culture is as authentic as it gets.

This hidden gem is a transformational experience at this peaceful retreat calming relaxing atmosphere with delicious food options for every diet. 

Parahita Yoga Bali

Ubud, Indonesia

bali yoga retreatParahita Yoga Bali not only offers yoga retreats for vacationers, but they also specialize in yoga teacher training courses for those looking to take their practice to the next level and teach others.

Teachers share all of their knowledge, love and passion with their guests, creating a safe and mindful experience for all skill levels. Family-like atmosphere feels more like a community than a resort in this small & intimate setting. This innovative and inspirational retreat will leave you feeling pure and full of gratitude

Aside from spending ample time practicing yoga, you can kick back and be pampered with massages, spas and authentic Balinese home cooked meals. 

Purana Boutique Resort

Ubud, Indonesia

More than just a yoga retreat, Purana is heaven on earth. Excellent location this villa in the South of Ubud is clean and beautifully decorated, their friendly and attentive staff take pride in ensuring they cover your every need down to the last detail.

Guests can opt for an entirely exclusive experience with their own private pool and outdoor bathroom with their famous “floating” breakfast delivered to your villa each morning for you to enjoy as you relax in the pool.

Personal yoga lessons, cycling adventures, and all out relaxation, Purana is the perfect place to kick back, get pampered and unwind.


Svarga Loka Wellness Resort

Ubud, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia 

yoga retreat in bali“A stepping stone to the true source of Wellbeing” is the mission and vision of this breathtaking postcard worthy resort nestled in the riverbanks of the Campuhan river in Ubud. 

Spend some time for yourself on this sacred land and indulge in the experience with retreat leader Savitri, an interdisciplinary yoga and meditation teacher & trainer who combines internal alignment and effective exercise for complete holistic wellness.

Along with daily offerings of Kundalini Yoga classes, retreat-goers will also enjoy energy treatments, traditional Indonesian purification rituals, and spa therapies. 

Creative, delicious and healthy food options are par for the course here at Svarga Loka, where the mantra is to focus on local seasonal and organic health foods for their guests.

A Mindful Approach to Vacationing

There is a shift in mindset that is taking place worldwide, from the traditional all-inclusive tropical vacation in Mexico to spiritual getaways. 

You can paint the picture with Instagram-worthy photos and glowing write ups - but you can’t really explain the benefits a yoga retreat can offer without taking the leap of faith and experiencing it for yourself. 

There's a valid reason that spiritual retreats are becoming so popular in this modern era - vacations are meant to provide relaxation, rejuvenation and restfulness - all these feelings are synonymous with yoga culture. And who couldn't use some self alignment, spiritual wisdom and inner peace? 

We’ve got you covered - click here to check out all the top retreats Bali has to offer on Retreat Guru.


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