Women's Quest: One triathlete's mission to empower women

Colleen Cannon, founder of Women's Quest, was a competitive triathlete in her “former life”. On...

"I reached out to Christina Thomas because I was impressed by her track record of running...

I’m Ed Zaydelman, founder of Experience VIDA Events and the VIDA Retreat Center in Costa Rica which...

Opening a healing retreat is no small feat. For most who find themselves on this path, the work...

Advice to follow your heart

Advice to create an excellent product

I have yet to meet a yoga teacher who hasn’t at one point in their career expressed keen interest...

Advice from the hotel business side

Pearl of wisdom

Dolores is the founder of a popular Buddhist retreat center located in the middle...

Advice on selecting a great manager

Pearl of Wisdom

Ask as many questions in advance as possible! This applies to the hotel or venue...

Pearl of Wisdom

I recommend giving all participants a feedback form that you collect before they...

Pearl of Wisdom

I think it's important to recognize that every role at a retreat center is vital....

Advice on thriving in a competitive market

Advice on staying inspired while managing a retreat centre for years

Advice on succeeding even though there is 'competition'

If you are looking to become a yoga instructor, but also to make your living from teaching yoga...

Advice on dispelling misconceptions and encouraging people to try your retreats

Advice on structuring retreats

Advice on taking care of yourself while teaching a retreat

Our path in life and business can lead us into unknown environments that will require us to reach...

Advice on developing a teaching faculty that honours the business as a whole and the individual.

Advice on navigating the first year and a half of starting a retreat center in Bali and bringing a...

In many ways I have created my dream career - I get to travel much of the year visiting some of the...

Advice on increasing guest satisfaction

Advice on setting boundaries for yourself to have time off

Advice on making your retreat centre profitable

Advice on creating a brand and marketing an eastern tradition to a western market.

Advice on dealing with doubt and competition when it arises as you build and grow your yoga...

In our lives our ability to cultivate a grounding in the present moment can allow us to increase...

Advice on discerning the difference between your vision and strategic planning.

Advice on enjoying your life as a retreat facilitator

Advice on growing your retreat business

The importance of language in defining your offering

Advice on funding your dream

Advice on choosing a structure for policy-making at your centre

Advice to remember what your passion is

Advice to remember what your passion is

Advice from 10 years of running retreats

Advice on holding a festival

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