The Business of Teaching Yoga

By Terri

If you are looking to become a yoga instructor, but also to make your living from teaching yoga going forward, there are a lot of business skills you need to acquire - and these aren't typically taught at a standard YTT. I have heard so many stories from people who took an amazing Yoga Teacher Training course that transformed their life, but years later they are still working in a job they don't love to pay their bills while they very slowly try to build towards a yogic career. Being the business-minded gal that I am, I sensed that there had to be a better way, and that is why I was so delighted when I met with Amber Zuckswert from Epic Self.

Amber started producing retreats 7 years ago in Australia, Mexico, Bali and Thailand and has also worked at many retreat centres. She now runs a successful retreat business out of Costa Rica, and also does a lot of private coaching to help people live their passion. Recently Amber decided to combine her skills to create an amazing new program designed specifically for yoga teachers (and those who want to become yoga teachers) to launch their own retreat businesses. It's called the Epic Academy Yoga Teacher Training and you'll spend a full month with 7 other students in Costa Rica learning from Amber and her partner to build your business (marketing, sales, social media, blogging, copy-writing and more) all while eating gourmet raw vegan food and studying yoga. You'll get your 200 hr Vinyasa YTT designation, your very own modern website, 32 hours of Conscious Business Training and more.

I love that as a graduation ceremony you get to participate in a traditional Temazcal sweat lodge and experience plant medicine with a Shaman.

I hope that in future this will become the standard for YTT courses so that more yoga teachers acquire the skills to not only teach incredible yoga classes, but also launch their businesses in a professional and sustainable way.

Amber crossed legsAmber Zuckswert is an international pilates and vinyasa yoga instructor, professional contemporary dancer, and holistic nutritionist. She’s the founder of, her own online health and fitness coaching platform and produces all-inclusive Epic Living Retreats and Training Programs around the globe. Amber specializes in crafting personal lifestyle design programs and retreats featuring international renowned experts for stressed, over-worked individuals who are eager to radically increase their health and happiness forever.

As a contemporary ballet/modern dancer with over 25 years of technique, performance and teaching under her belt, Amber turned to the Pilates method, Vinyasa Yoga, and Plant Based Nutrition to stay in peak mind/body condition and injury free. Over the last decade she’s taught for some of the worlds most revered clubs, retreat centers, and festivals including Equinox San Francisco, Sports Club LA, YogaWorks, Rancho La Puerta, The Bali Spirit Festival, and The Envision Festival. She is an adventurous entrepreneur deeply passionate about positivity shifting the world through full throttle conscious living.

To find out more about Epic Self and Amber Zuckswert, visit her profile or her website at

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