For the spiritually curious: retreats at Creacon Wellness

By Jenny Dion

Creacon Wellness Retreat specializes in services that balance and revitalize your entire being - spirit, mind and body. When you peruse the list of services offered at Creacon, an award-winning retreat center in the rolling hills of Wexford Ireland, you’ll see a lot of the usual: massage, yoga, and acupuncture. Move over into the “mind” category, and you’ll see you can also have a sort of spa for the mind: psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) are on offer with highly trained therapists.

Hm, you say. Interesting.

Keep moving down the list, and you meet the “Spirit” category. Energy therapy of varying modalities is on offer. And suddenly you realize: you have no idea what Rising Star Therapy is, but… you’re curious! You wouldn’t label yourself as a “spiritual” person, but your interest is piqued. Tell me more.


Jonathan Keenan, business manager and Five Tibetan Yoga instructor at Creacon, says he wasn’t particularly “spiritual” before he moved to Ireland and Creacon. “In America, I wasn’t spiritual at all, I just wasn’t aware that I was spiritual, so the Yoga helped me,” he recounts. He started practicing the Five Tibetan Yoga tradition and his life changed dramatically.

So how does that translate to Creacon’s current “spirit” offerings, if you’re not particularly familiar with energy work?

"Modern science has proven everything is energy and can be measured by vibration. When the human energy field is low, emotional, mental or physical dis-harmony can occur. Quantum Medicine is finally catching up with what the ancient yogis have always claimed, and are exploring the role of energy in medicine. Spirit is another word for energy, the unseen life force, so it is not about religion at all. In fact, it doesn’t matter what you recognize,” says Jonathan. “There’s a saying that paths are many, destination is one. As long as everyone is driving to some kind of higher consciousness or self-realization, or self-development, that’s the ‘spirit’ aspect.” Sounds reasonable. Most of the “spirit” work you’ll see on tap at Creacon, and many other retreats, don’t assume any particular religious orientation or energetic attunement -- just an open mind.

“We have readings on sacred numerology, Quantum biofeedback. Some people question, ‘What the hell is an energy reading? Are you crazy?’ And I’m like, no. Most people that work here don’t need a physical card or tea leaves or anything to read, they can just read the energy of the person.” If you’re willing to suspend assumptions for 90 minutes, you might just experience something akin to magic.


Much of the healing, expansion, and insight that happens in energy-aligned therapies is not visible to the naked eye and, often, is barely perceptible in the body. But the impact afterward is undeniable and can set the client on a new path. But don’t worry: you don’t have to become a monk. “Just because you’re a spiritual student doesn’t mean you have to be a renunciate,” Jonathan says. “I don’t have ash on my forehead, but more importantly my role as a spiritual student, my job, is my lifestyle. You can be a spiritual student a couple of days a month or twice a year. Everybody takes their dedication and devotion to the level that they’re ready for.”

While at Creacon for a treatment, you can stop into their cafe, which offers healthy dining, refreshing cold-pressed juices, tea/coffee, and delicious desserts. For those who wish to stay a little longer, there is a variety of retreats and packages to choose from, including B&B, 3-day juice cleanse, weekend getaway, yoga & meditation retreats and more. Overnight packages include accommodation in their newly renovated modern, media-free guest suites.

Ready to explore what your path to self-care might look like? The folks at Creacon will guide you every step of the way.

Take a look at Creacon's retreats!


Jonathan Keenan, business manager and Five Tibetan Yoga instructor at Creacon Wellness Retreat. You can visit Creacon's retreat guru page or their website here.


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Posted by Jenny Dion

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