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Advice to create an excellent product


One of our primary obstacles is competition. There is much more competition now than before. In our area when I started out 12 years ago there were three surf camps. Now there must be over 20 and another 10 yoga retreats. Another obstacle is the ever changing environment of the internet. Before we had just traditional advertising. Now you have to keep your finger on the pulse of what is going on on many levels. This is huge. I know it’s been a detriment to us because we are a small company and it’s difficult to keep up to speed with the many ways to bring exposure to ourselves.


Your product must be excellent. Word a mouth and return customers are critical. If you don’t build it as a business and built it more as a passion, it will probably die sooner than later. Many retreat people are not business people. Just because you love surfing and love yoga doesn’t mean your good at the business end. It is good to get a consultant or consult with somebody who has experience. But ultimately go for it! What do you have to loose, unless your buying a hotel.

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