Wake Up With Us: Tanin's Staff Retreat Story

By Jenny Dion

My retreat story began when my whole life took a rapid 180 degree turn. On the heels of a rather dark period in my life, some deep soul-searching, and an alarming car-crash I soon found myself living at an Ashram, surrounded by "spiritual" people, with no clue as to how I had got there and only the knowing that at the deepest level of my being it felt "right".

The ashram was my spiritual home, and in that container I grew in ways I could never imagine. But alas, after a few magical years I eventually outgrew the container, and through a series of twists, turns, ups and downs my heart lead me to the medicine path. Through this new life-direction I had the very good fortune of meeting two beautiful friends/teachers who welcomed me on my first pilgrimage to Peru. Below you will find my review of that transformative experience:

Along the wild-ride that has been my life, I have had the blessing of crossing paths with Darcy and Robin. From our first encounter, their level of integrity, heart, and commitment to creating a more beautiful world struck a deep chord in me. When I caught wind that they would be offering a Pilgrimage to Peru, my heart rejoiced as I couldn’t think of two better guides for my first encounter with this magical land.

The pilgrimage itself was wholly transformative. Robin and Darcy planned each day with meticulous love, care, and an ignited sense of adventure. I felt very safe and masterfully-held throughout the entire experience by the seen and unseen foundation these two had laid so beautifully prior to my arrival. In visiting the various sacred sites their knowledge, reverence, and passion for the Andean cultures shone through brilliantly. My experience of these powerful sites was greatly enriched by Darcy and Robin’s sharing of the various site histories, lore, and of the peoples that dwelled there many moons ago.

I really appreciated how they made every conscious effort to connect us with the locals in deep and meaningful ways. We visited an elementary school, participated in beautiful despacho ceremonies with local elders and medicine carriers, and were treated to the beauty of traditional Peruvian dances and song. In this way, I did not feel like a “tourist” passing through, but a welcomed guest in a home amongst friends. In working with the medicine I found myself surrounded by unparalleled beauty. Everything from the space, to the food, to the company (did I mention the food?) was immaculate.

With the level of safety and integrity present in each ceremony I was able to go deep within myself to catalyze healing that otherwise would not have been possible.

The blessings, insights and gifts I received through these ceremonies continue to blossom in my life in magical and unexpected ways.

I feel empowered to give back, and to make choices that deepen and enrich my experience of life and the lives of those around me. I know in my heart that this new-found sense of clarity and purpose has much to do with what I received on this incredible journey of the soul. It is rare indeed to find people who teach by the way they live, and live by what they teach, and that is exactly the medicine that Robin and Darcy offer.

Darcy and Robin aren’t only “on the path” they are blazing a new way of being as a gift to us all. I wholeheartedly recommend them as impeccable guides and friends into the heart, lore and mystery that is Peru.

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Customer Therapist/Support, Onboarding Oracle, Mostly-Conscious Hip-hop Artist, Level  3  Mage

Spiritual Book You Couldn't Live Without: Matt Kahn, Whatever Arises Love That. The transmissions of love, humor and wisdom that come through this man have been true gifts in my life.

Fave Thing About Work: The interesting bundle of characters (myself included) that work here. The company culture that we have co-created together is truly something special - one where we are encouraged to be ourselves, show up as we are, and be authentic with each other. Going on retreats with the team is also kind of awesome!

A Guru Health Tip: Listen to your body... Beyond any books/articles or "expert opinions" your body is the ultimate health-guru. That, and each day practice kindness (this continues to be the best "medicine" in my life).

Your Ultimate Superpower: The ability to rhyme words together at rather alarming speeds while simultaneously weaving galactic wisdom into earthly affairs through the melodious medium of song.

All-time Favorite Quote: "You're learning to be nourished by the love you give, not by the validation offered in response to your giving." ~ Matt Kahn

All-time Favorite Movie: The Matrix, for reasons too obvious to warrant further explanation.

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Posted by Jenny Dion

Jenalle is a lover of yoga, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, world traveller and content marketer. Jenalle founded Wakeful Travel, which is a brand that encourages people to travel consciously, whether that’s externally through world adventures or internally with psychedelic medicines.



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