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Splitting up is never easy, in fact, it can be utterly debilitating. Whether it’s divorce or a breakup from a partner that you...

By Jenny Dion ( read )

Tags: divorce, selflove, five elements,

Amidst the multiplying healing and medicinal opportunities in Western Canada stands a unique place: The Sentinel, located south...

By Jenny Dion ( read )

Tags: Gabor Mate, Featured Centers, wakingu,

Rythmia was the first center I experienced sitting with the sacred plant medicine, Ayahuasca. Before I arrived at Rythmia Life...

By Jenny Dion ( read )

Tags: tips and tricks, Rythmia, Featured Centers,

A meeting with San Pedro

Sitting in the dark of the forest, eyes focused intently on the fire blazing in the middle of the circle, you hear the...

By Jenny Dion ( read )

Tags: retreat magazine, sanpedro, spirit medicine,

Across the globe, seekers have been turning to Ayahuasca with a melange of intentions: personal growth, emotional trauma healing,...

By Jenny Dion ( read )

Tags: research, ayahuasca, ceremony,

Many modern seekers have had experience with psychedelics. Whether in a recreational party atmosphere, a more intentional...

By Jenny Dion ( read )

Tags: ayahuasca, ceremony, shamanic,

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