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Rima & Pete

By Darcy

Advice from the hotel business side


Retreats are very hard work. Dealing with administration, flight details, schedules, personalities, last minute issue. Always working with peoples expectations.  Also, we live and have our retreat center in the jungle of Costa rica and some participants have a hard time settling into the different flow of life here. If it is difficult for some to let go of certain things, it’s going to be challenging on a retreat organizer.


Because we work on the other side of the business - the hotel side; the provider of the yoga space; the lodging and food - we have a perspective for those trying to organize retreats. It is really important to do your homework and talk to the people who will be your location provider. Don’t just go on google, that is not enough. Need to reach out and talk to the people you will be doing business with. Reach out and interview them. See if they can provide what you need. Create relationships.

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