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By Terri

Advice on selecting a great manager


We've had a lot of managers over the 12 years since our inception, and it is only in the last year that operations are running smoothly, our costs are covered and we're making a bit of profit.


Having good management is the key. Here are some tips on what qualities to look for in a great manager: They should be aligned with your mission statement, and have an authentic desire to help others. They need to have business acumen, and the background/experience to do the job well. They need to be energetic and keen to create something during their time at your center. They need to be good at managing people because running a retreat is a balancing act, and it is more than a one-person job. A good manager will empower others to get involved, and ensure everyone is truly on board and working as a team. In the words of KMEC's new manager James, "It is about allowing others to step into their gifts".

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