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Dolores Watson

By Terri

Pearl of wisdom

Dolores is the founder of a popular Buddhist retreat center located in the middle of the bible belt in Mississippi. Dolores is a walking example of what you can do when you make a decision to make a difference. She decided to follow her inspiration to create Flowering Lotus despite the fact that she was in her late 60s, that most people in the area had never been to a retreat before - let alone a Buddhist one, and that she didn't know exactly how she was going to make her dream a reality. When asked for her advice on making dreams a reality, Dolores said "You don't need to know everything. You simply need to identify what you are passionate about creating - especially if it involves serving others - and the right people, finances, and situations will show up. You need to be prepared to do whatever it takes, and eventually people will be inspired to help you. The universe will help it unfold. Don't let fear stop you! It is so gratifying to move beyond fear. Now I get to hear the closing circle at the end of each retreat and people share how their lives have been transformed, and I can tell you - everything it took to get to this point was worth it!"

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