Raquel Salvador

By Darcy

Advice to follow your heart


At the end of the day its putting feet on yoga mats. It is very time consuming to properly advertise and get individuals interested in coming to the retreats. Most people that have chosen the yoga path and are dedicated to the path of sharing yoga with others usually want to deviate from spending time in front of computers, working from 5-8 at night, navigating social media and twitter and things like that. We don’t even have mobiles. In running a retreat business you have to learn things you don’t want to learn. The admin pulls you into those things.


Follow your heart and do what you truly believe. Everything will put itself together to make it happen. Make sure you delegate, then trust the person you delegate - or its pointless. Don’t try to do everything yourself. Our company grew very fast and not enough people were trained for the expansion. Can’t do everything yourself.

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