In life, there are times when we have to put our cards on the table, and be very transparent. As a teacher, I always make a point of being very upfront with students about what my limitations are in terms of what I can and cannot do.

The pedestal, as an image, suggests that your teacher is a delicate object perched up high. As a teacher, it’s a very dangerous place to be! But it’s only your image of your teacher that might eventually fall and shatter.

When my first book came out, I didn’t expect that people would start to see me as a teacher. As soon as I started to accept the fact that people do, actually, put me up on that pedestal, I’ve been able to become more skillful at working with that dynamic.


Lodro- headshotLodro began meditating as a child and attended retreats as a teenager, even going as far as participating in a silent month-long retreat during which he shaved his head and took monastic robes and vows. He is the author of four books, including The Buddha Walks into a Bar.

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